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We provide products with a large scoop of applications, to fulfill a wide range variety of packaging needs for our customer's products. With “Total Packaging Solutions” as our basic approach, Toppan offers packaging solutions to meet global lifestyle needs    


Pouch with a strong design, it is able to save storage space and reduce disposal volumes, more better than rigid packaging. 

It is also suitable to fulfill the needs of consumer in several ways that give an ease when pouring the contents into the storage media, wide variety of size and also can be applied to a wide range of products, including: 

Food supplement ingredients (ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, instant seasoning, etc.), ready meals, toileteries (liquid soap, shampoo, dish soap, liquid detergent, deodorant, etc.), cleaning the house, and others.

Variation :

1) Shape Standing Pouch

2) Pouch with Zipper 

3) Pouch with Re-closable Spout


This type of packaging, can accomadate a wide range of products with varied size and capacities. From snack to agricultural products, can be covered using this type of products.

We also can provide you the packaging on a roll form.


Special packaging for retort process.

The purpose of using retort process in ready-to-eat food products is, to add more its self-life without using the preservatives. The retort packaging must be provided, to do the retort process.

We provide the retort packaging in several form, such as standing pouch and 3 side seal bag, also come with 2 options for the barrier layer, Alu-foil and GL Film (a Toppan Authentic Transparent Barrier Layer)

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